Benefits of Modular Home Building

One of the things we keep hearing when people view the 2016 PNE Prize Home is that they would never realize the home was built in a factory. They’re so busy admiring the innovative home design and features, while imagining themselves living in every room of the house.

The reality is, from a visual standpoint, the end result of a modular home build is indistinguishable from a conventionally-built home. In fact, there are many benefits to choosing a factory-built home rather than a start-to-finish site built home.

  • Save Money
    • Saves costumers money due to more efficient manufacturing and material sourcing process
    • It’s virtually unheard for there to be cost overruns in the modular building industry
    • Additional savings come from our volume purchasing of materials and contracts with our suppliers
  • Save Time
    • Our modular homes are typically built in 1/3 of the time needed to construct an on-site built home
    • Overall building time is reduced by concurrent site work and home construction
    • Climate controlled facilities ensure there are no weather-related construction delays
    • Our highly skilled workforce are able to work year-round within the factory
  • Higher Quality
    • Modular construction offers increased building quality due to the controlled construction environment
    • Our skilled workforce are able to utilize tools unavailable to site builders such as custom manufactured jibs which ensure all walls, floors and ceilings are square and plumb
  • Energy Efficient
    • Modular homes have much less air filtration which is one of the largest causes of heat loss in a home
    • Homes constructed in a factory allows the manufacturer to place more sealants, such as caulking, in problem areas that site builders have no access to
  • Environmentally Friendly
    • Engineered construction materials are utilized and effective inplant recycling is in place at most modular manufacturing facilities. All excess materials are able to be recycled
  • Design Flexibility
    • Allows for hundreds of options and design possibilities so you can pick the option that best suits your needs
    • Offer a wide range of house plans to choose from in a variety of styles
    • Often you can modify or upgrade your general construction specifications and design your own floor plans and elevations.
    • Possibilities are endless