Our clients rely on us to create the worksite structures they need—from lodging, kitchen and dining facilities to administrative buildings, kiosks, and recreation complexes.

Industrial Structures

Freeport Industries Industrial Workforce Housing

Custom Office Solutions

Freeport offers complete turnkey solutions. We design, build, transport, and install each building to your exact specifications. With our expertise in modular construction, we bring practical, cost-effective, and durable solutions to our industrial clients. 

Modular construction offers significant operational advantages for companies that need to quickly add housing, office facilities, or other structures to their operations. Project timelines are much shorter and it’s easier to control costs than with on-site construction. Modular construction also gives you the ability to cost-effectively relocate buildings to meet future requirements.

Freeport Industrial Workforce Housing

Workforce Housing

Our team will work to understand your needs and design a facility with a floor plan that matches your specific requirements. Our energy-efficient buildings incorporate durable, high-quality finishes, providing a comfortable home away from home for your staff. We also design and build kitchen and dining facilities, site offices, and other camp structures as required.

Freeport Purpose Built Industrial Commercial Building

Control Rooms

Our clients count on us to create the worksite structures they need, no matter where the worksite is located. Whether temporary or permanent, our modular buildings are designed to be energy-efficient and durable in even the most remote and challenging environments.

Freeport Industries Multi Suite Lodging for Hotels Apartments and Condos

Multi Suite Buildings

Whether the final product is used for a hotel, apartment building, or condo development, our clients can take advantage of the durability and cost savings we offer through our modular construction processes to provide high quality, multi-storey buildings with many individual suites.

Precision-built structures that meet your
unique needs

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Freeport is passionate about helping communities grow by creating thoughtfully-designed schools, daycares, healthcare facilities, and seniors residences that feel like home.

Institutional Structures

Freeport Commercial Portable Classroom


Our modular structures are ideal for a wide range of institutional uses – from daycare facilities and schools to healthcare facilities and seniors’ residences. We begin by working closely with you to understand your needs, whether it’s adding new school buildings to accommodate a growing number of students or putting up a new healthcare facility in your community.


Modular buildings are an excellent choice within the institutional market. We understand that you are operating within fixed budgets and timeframes, and our process ensures that your building will be up and running according to schedule with minimal disruption to the surrounding community.



Modular buildings are also adaptable. Need to expand your community daycare offerings? We can produce buildings to suit any space. This means less time spent hunting for the perfect location and more time serving your community and customers. Your custom-designed modular buildings can also be permanent or temporary, making them easy to relocate if needed.

Buildings that meet the evolving needs of
your community

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First Nations


We have long-standing relationships with many First Nations communities. Our manufacturing facility is located on First Nations land, as are many of the homes we have designed and built for Retire West, and a substantial part of our workforce is Aboriginal. 

We are committed to listening and taking the time to understand your needs and the needs of your community. From residential homes to band offices, healthcare clinics to schools, we pride ourselves on working with our First Nations partners to create high-quality, energy-efficient, attractive buildings.


“We are truly grateful for the quality of service your organization provided and also the quality of products used to complete the additional building to our Primary School facilities at Stzíuminus First Nation. Your commitment and attention to customer service is to be commended. Your experience working with First Nations organizations is evident and a strong quality that your organization possesses which enhanced our working relationship and was demonstrated in your excellent recommendations. You can be sure that we will highly recommend your service and continue to do business with you Nigel, Dave and Freeport for years to come.”

Charlotte Elliott

M.Ed Education Director Stzíuminus First Nation