Millionaire Living in Modular Homes

There are many benefits to buying a modular home, and more home designers, builders, and home buyers are tuning in to the fact that a contemporary modular build offers the best value in modern home buying.

Most people over the age of 50 think of modular homes as being subpar, but this view is as outdated as thinking that a cell phone offers a less reliable service than a home phone.

The Modular Home Advantage

New modular homes can offer the best variety in quality materials on the market, and the best value per square footage. The growing trend in modular homes is upscale, and designs range from traditional to contemporary with the added incentive of  being energy efficient and using environmentally friendly materials.

Recently, Steve and Sharon Seymour, a couple from Cape Cod, were won over to modular home building by the incredible value offered. Steve, who owns an investment firm, calculated the cost of  building their dream home, and  when he discovered that he could build a modular dream home, using the same materials as an on-site build, but saving over $800,000, he realized that the modular home stigma is outdated and unfounded.

Incidentally, the Seymour’s modular home is  traditional Cape Cod 10,000-square-foot mansion complete with 10 bedroom, 11 bathrooms, a butler’s pantry, a 36-foot-long kitchen and a large dining room.

A Progressive Home Building Industry

Modular home builders have seen the industry change dramatically in the last twenty years. Traditional modulars began as 20-by-40 ranch style homes with a fixed roof. Today, modular homes win many awards for design, value, and innovation.

Modular homes are dominating the new build market as first-time homebuyers discover that a modular home build does not mean lesser quality, but it does mean they can afford their dream home. Vaulted ceilings, floor to ceiling windows, marble foyers, built-in whirlpools and saunas are all features that many modular home owners find they can afford, thanks to the reduced cost of building in a factory.

Modular Home Building in Europe

Europe has widely adopted building modular homes, not only is it a more environmentally friendly process (less waste and spoilage) but it is also more cost effective for both the homebuilder and the homebuyer.

Huf Haus, a German company that has recently opened a branch in the U.S., builds million dollar modular homes that put the C in contemporary. Their two story, three bedroom homes are built with steel-reinforced beams and are highly energy efficient. The solar panels installed on the roof  power the house and charge the electric car in the garage, and an underground water system that heats and cools the house.

Huf Haus build roughly 150 million-dollar modular homes a year. Their homes are around 5,000 square feet and cost between 450 and 600 dollar per square foot, but a build of this calibre would normally cost around two million dollars.
Recently, Huf Haus built an award-winning new modular show home in Weybridge, England. It took just  20 days to build, but it’s built to stand the test of time.

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