Freeport Construction Framing Modular Home

Modular Homes To Ease Housing Crunch

More and more, the benefits of modular home construction are being discussed in mainstream media. Modular home construction offers a viable alternative to traditional home building and has many benefits including a savings in cost and time. Energy efficient modular homes, built by Freeport in our controlled factory environment, also have the green factor many consumers are looking for. 

Following the first comprehensive review of conventional and modular construction research of its kind, Kasun Hewage, an associate professor of engineering at UBC’s Okanagan campus, says cities like Vancouver and Kelowna should consider looking to factories to ease their housing shortage.

“With increasing housing prices and decreasing availability in Canadian cities, the research is telling us that modular construction can offer housing that is cheaper, faster and results in fewer workplace injuries,” says Hewage.

Sage Creek, a development in West Kelowna, is a great example of how modular housing has helped ease the housing crunch with well-built homes in a desirable neighbourhood.