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Discover Freeport’s featured communities located in British Columbia, Canada. Prefab-manufactured modular residences in select styles, locations and more. Browse our modular communities below.

Freeport Industries – Your Trusted Modular Builder

At Freeport, we excel in crafting exquisite, top-notch custom modular homes. Our expertise lies in creating stunning residential and commercial buildings. What sets us apart is our commitment to environmental sustainability through energy efficient and high performance homes, as well as our ability to deliver projects in a faster time frame compared to conventional “stick frame” construction, all the while offering our clients customization options.

Industry Associations

Awards & Certifications

Freeport received the Greater Westside Board of Trade Award For Large Business

Winner of Greater Westside Board of Trade Award For Large Business

Freeport OSSE Safety Standard

At Freeport, the health and safety of our employees is paramount. As such, we're dedicated to ensuring that our workplaces are safe and healthy environments.