Designer Modular Homes

Modular homes have come a long way since their inception. Europe, New York City, and more recently, Martha’s Vineyard are looking to modular homes as a cost and time-effective way to attain a quality home.

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Governments are realizing that a prefabricated approach to building homes is the future of home development. And as such, government across Europe and North America are encouraging the construction industry to adopt the beneficial the modular home process.

Recently, a marriage between modular and on-site construction allowed homeowners to build custom-designed modular homes with no design or size restrictions, and all at a much more attractive price than a traditional build.

They took the idea from modular houses that were built in Martha’s Vineyard in the late 1960s. This was a combined initiative between well-known architects and home builders who produced 200 beautifully-designed modular type houses in the area.

These homes were ahead of their time, but now many homeowners, homebuilders and architects are tuning into the fact that modular home building is the way of the future. And in Martha’s Vineyard, modular homes and hybrids are still a popular choice, with an average of 12 modular home being built on the island every year

Every year, the Oxford Hills Home Show in the US showcases the best of modular home builds. Designs range from contemporary to executive ranches to basic colonials and traditional Cape Cods.

Designer Modular Homes

And if attaching status to a modular home is necessary to qualify the value, consider this modular home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Commissioned in 1959 by New York City, the home was delivered to Staten Island, where it still stands today, Crimson Beech has a landmark designation and is still a comfortable, well-loved and valuable family modular home.

Frank Lloyd Wright was a passionate advocate for well-designed affordable housing. And together with home builder, Marshall Erdman the designed cost-effective, easy-to-construct, and lovely to live in homes. This line of prefabricated housing was one of Wright’s last major attempt to address the problem of affordable housing.

At Freeport, our brand values are in line with Mr. Wright’s vision. Our goal is to provide luxury living in modular homes for Canadians, and we believe there is no better choice on the market for value, quality and custom-built homes.