Freeport PNE Prize Home 2018 Kitchen

More Than Your Typical Modular Home

It’s true, not all things are created equal.

We have managed to turn the ever-typical myth of what a modular home is on its side. What was once synonymous with low popcorn ceilings and poor functionality, we’ve reinvented into comfortable, custom luxury homes to suit who you are and what you need.

With the understanding that each person has specific, unique-to-them requirements, we manage every aspect of the home build from concept to completion.

Quality New Home Construction

Erase the mental image of what you might think a modular home is, and replace it with our promise of beautiful finishes and quality construction.
By first visiting your build-site, we are alerted to any potential challenges we might face during the construction or installation.

Custom New Home Architecture

If we don’t expect one size to fit all, how can we expect one house to? We specialize in custom designs, and we take special care to focus on your concept and your needs. Our architects and designers can create any home concept from traditional to modern to achieve your vision.

Functional Home Designs

It’s important to consider your lifestyle and how you will utilize your new home. These factors often dictate size, formality, and whether you will find benefit in a one-story or multi-level home. It can also determine room positioning, accessibility requirements, traffic flow and storage solutions.

The Freeport Advantage

Like other new home builders, Freeport builds custom, luxury homes. We work with our clients through the entire process from lot selection (if applicable) and permits, to floor plan designs and completion.